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Android Flat UI Template

Android Flat UI Template

As an Android developer, you probably have a lot of problems applying a design for your application. Here we provide three themed apps. Using a flat concept for making the application look perfect. You have a wide range of custom controls in this template. Perfect for your needs.


  • 7 Predefined colors (Green, Blue, Lilac, Red, Orange, Purple, Yellow)
  • 6 Custom UI Controls (Edit Text, Button, Radio Button, Check Box, Seek Bar, Progress Bar)
  • 3 Themed lists
  • 3 Template Applications (List Navigation, Tab Bar Navigation, Sliding Menu Navigation)
  • Custom effects for browsing master-detail data.
  • Swipe Functionality
  • Check List with animation.
  • Load custom font from resources and apply it for all UI elements.


This is a template and it is meant to help you make your app look more appealing. It is not a fully functional app. The sample projects are included to show you how to apply the design and demonstrate some useful technics. And you can use theme as a base template for your own applications. This will reduce the time to start up and make you focus more on the idea it self.



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