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HD Wallpaper

HD Wallpaper

HD Wallpaper is a cool new app that brings all the best HD wallpapers and backgrounds to your Android device.

Each high resolution image has been perfectly formatted fit to the phone display and comes with a host of user friendly features. The stunning UI allows you easily tap and swipe your way through the multipal image galleries.

Admin Add the category and its items and Viewer View thats.

Android Side:

  1. All Device Combability(Responsive Design).
  2. Brand New Look.
  3. Easily Navigate With Tab.
  4. Image Display With Category Wise.
  5. Recently Added Image Display.
  6. Image Display With Full Screen Mode.
  7. Image Change with Swiping finger.
  8. Image Change with next and previous button.
  9. Even Image Change in Device Shake.
  10. Auto Play and Stop Mode.
  11. Add to Favorite Mode.
  12. Favorite Image Display Separate.
  13. Image Share with your friends and on social networks.
  14. Image Save in Sdcard.
  15. Image SetAsWallpaper.
  16. Image zoom with Pinch gesture.
  17. Grid Item Size Responsive Based on Screen Display Size.
  18. Check Network Availability
  19. Multiple Image Uploaded at Time
  20. Admob and StartApp Added
  21. Admob and Startapp both Standalone Package(i.e 2 package,one is for admob and other is startapp )

Admin Side:

  1. Simple and Attractive Admin Panel.
  2. Display Total Category and Image Uploaded.
  3. Easily Add Category.
  4. Easily Add Category Item.
  5. Edit and Delete Category.
  6. Edit and Delete Category Item.
  7. Multiple Image Uploaded at Time.
  8. Upload Unlimited Category and its Item.
  9. Json Service

What U Get:

  1. Full Android Source Code.
  2. Full Php Code of Server Side.
  3. Android Package hierarchy (that tells which class is used for what).
  4. Video Tutorial(5 videos).



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