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Your Android Map

Your Android Map

Your Android Map is a location app template for Android that you can use to create any location(map) application such as tourism app of your city, store, restaurant, hotel, or any interesting place app. The latest update comes with many new features, one of them is direction feature where it is useful to show direction from user position to the destination place. With documentation file included within the downloaded file, it will be easily for you to configure this app.



  • Nice UI designwith custom title bar the new update comes with better user interface design then previous version.
  • Categorized locationas request by many buyers, i finally add categorized location features.
  • User position informationthis app can get user position information based on gps, so that user know where they are.
  • Map type settingdefault type of the map is normal, but with this feature user can change the map type, hybrid, satellite, and terrain.
  • Direction to locationthe next new feature is direction, user can get direction from their location to the destination location.
  • Google Maps API V2with Google Maps API V2 , there are some new map features where one of them is 3D map.
  • Local databaseno need to store location data on xml, you can now store the data on sqlite database within the app.
  • Multiple screen supportthis app run well in smartphone and tablet screen without destroying user interface.
  • Admob integrationyou can make more money with this app because it is integrated with Admob.
  • Share and rate appuser can share app to their friends via email, facebook, twitter, or any other app. they can also rate the app on Google Play.
  • Information dialogWhen you touch one of markers on the map, information dialog will appear. this information dialog consist of name, image, street, and information about the location.
  • Documentation filedocumentation file is included to guide buyer customize the app.



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