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Coloring Book

Coloring Book

Every child likes drawing and coloring game very much, which can motivate and develop children’s imagination. This is a game for all the kids that simply love to paint. You can paint with your finger. Let’s start your game now! Relaxing the idle time with this amazing game.

Application Feature

  1. .jpeg and .png file support
  2. Flat UI
  3. 50+ Pages
  4. Tap to Fill
  5. Unlimited Category
  6. Unlimited Item
  7. if you want to add pages of that category just paste image in assets category folder pages automatically comes in that category
  8. A lot of images to draw, sort by categories. You will be able to choose draw from this categories: Animals to coloring, vehicles, number, alphabet, cartoon, etc.
  9. You will be able to choose the colors you want for your coloring book.
  10. Do you want to share your creations? Don’t panic, because you will be able to share all your drawings via apps.
  11. If you just want to save your colored drawings, you can do it using your Smartphone or tablet memory to watch them in any size and share them with your friends or family
  12. Easy Customization
  13. Ad MOb:Banner & Interstitial ad
  14. Eclipse Project




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